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El Cid Historic District

Renovation of a 1926 Historic Residence 


Significant renovation of both the exterior and interiors.  For many years this home was used as an apartment residence and devided into 3 seperate studios. Restoration efforts brought this home back to its original state where many of its original hardwood features and atributes were brought back to use. 

Historic Renovations

Mango Promenade

Restoration of the  90 Year Old Historic Residence 


Full renovation of this mediterranian style home located in one of the only two promenades still existing in the City of West Palm Beach.  The main structure was kept true to it original construction by reusing framing members removed during demolition. A new wood floor was installed over the original pine floor with a certified period and species correct milled old growth lumber approximatley 400 years old.  Harvested from a river in North Florida. 

Boynton Woman's Club
Restoration of the 85 Year Old Historic Mizner Landmark

Part of a Multi-phase Project that is scheduled for a Summer 2018 Completion. The project will include complete renovations of the 167 windows and doors located on the exterior of the building.  Rielly Construction was part of the Phase 1 "Pilot" work that started prior to the Historic Building's listing on the National Registery. Estiated Budget: $475,000.

Several examples of the detial work are included.

Comeau Building
Interior Alterations of West Palm Beach Historic Landmark

Unique to this building are the views of down town West Palm Beach.  The building was built in 1925 and has great lines and curves both exterior and interior. We have built 6 tenant spaces over the years and have found that some of her raw elements of early construction work well with and compliment more traditional office spaces. 

200 Butler Street, Suite 207 West Palm Beach, FL 33407 

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